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The same set of useful tools from 1995 with a different interface
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In 2007 Microsoft released its new version of their useful and famous Microsoft Office in different editions: Professional, Standard, Home and Students, Small Business, Enterprise and Ultimate edition. Each one of them includes some new releases of their prior programs: Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Publisher and they added some other programs like Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager.
Ever since I've been using Microsoft Office I have found lots of features and functions that have helped me a lot to accomplish my tasks. In this precise moment I'm using Microsoft Word to write these lines. Microsoft Office is by far the package that most people and companies use, due to its easiness and user-friendly interface. Office 2007 has reshaped the menu bars and now they are "Tab Bars" where the tools and features of each program are presented as icons instead as texts making them easier to look at a glance. It may be a bit confusing at the beginning since some options have changed from certain menus or those menus have disappeared at all. The Office Icon is present in MS Word and Excel, and this icon delivers all the file tools such as open, save, save as, print and exit. The other features which used to be included in their roll down menus are distributed in the new menus like: "Start", "Insert", "Page layout", "References", and so on. This is completely different as it was before so many users tend to get lost in the menus looking for their applications. As I said before, If you get used to that by finding the tools that you use more, then you'll find that Office 2007 has improved it's way to shorten the time to finish your tasks.

Rodrigo Rodriguez
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